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  MickGyver a7aa8ba7ba Separate SNES NTT version, debug code added to NES adapter code. 9 months ago
  MickGyver 33c63aacb3
Revert "Fix for detecting NES controllers" 1 year ago
  Ryan Myers 3373ecf0e1
Fix for detecting NES controllers 2 years ago
  MickGyver 87a96ab0f8 Optimisations made to some adapters 2 years ago
  MickGyver 3034c3bcf6 Probably fixed the "going-to-sleep" bug for the SNES adapter 2 years ago
  MickGyver 8afc5eb909 Automatic NES/SNES controller detection. 2 years ago
  MickGyver cb87425b15 SNES adapter supports the NTT Data Keypad (NDK10) 2 years ago
  MickGyver 140930b633 SNES/NES controller adapter added. 2 years ago